Her reputation grew steadily to the point that she was called Shih (Master), and was often asked to perform religious rites, where she never once asked for any donations or fees for conducting the ceremonies, nor did she accept alms for herself. She committed herself to focusing on the spiritual life and becoming a vegetarian, as well as serving as a Buddhist nun. Although Cheng was under the tutelage of Master Xiudao, the monks did not recognize her authority. Not long after Cheng was born, Wang Tien-sun brought her and his wife to Fengyuan and settled there. Although the monastic life brought serenity and peace to Cheng, she felt that she was not yet doing what she was called to do. "The hope of people comes from mutual help," said Master Cheng Yen, a Buddhist nun and founder of the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan. Dharma Master Cheng Yen may be a 72-year-old Buddhist nun adhering to a harsh daily regimen in a convent with 160 other nuns, but that doesn't mean she's missing out on the latest technology. Harapan dan … These articles and blogs present core Buddhist topics and principles alongside guidance for the Tzu Chi Path. Although their initial efforts were small, they never got discouraged nor did they ever thought of quitting. The business soon prospered and Wang began owning multiple movie theatres. Dharma Master Cheng Yen was born in 1937 in Qingshui, a small town in Taichung County, Taiwan. She began to doubt the very nature of life, asking questions such as, “Why is life so transient?” and “Where is life’s true meaning?”. This desire was further fueled with her encounter with three Catholic nuns, who argued that while Buddhist teachings were indeed profound, the religion itself did nothing more to change the world than teaching love and compassion. As Cheng grew up, Wang Tien-sun and his wife showered much love and care to the young Cheng; she would always consider them as her real parents due to the experiences that she had with them. When she took refuge with Venerable Yin-shun in 1963, he gave her six simple words of instruction, "For Buddha's teachings, for sentient beings." They kept on using whatever money they collected to help the people they could reach. In this program, Dharma Master Cheng Yen combines her own words and verses with the wondrous passages and meanings of the Lotus Sutra. Dharma Master Cheng Yen and her monastic disciples supported themselves by sewing baby shoes, making concrete sacks into smaller animal feed bags, knitting sweaters, and raising their own vegetables. During the closing years of the war, Cheng saw the devastation caused by the numerous air raids on their villages; this imprinted a sense of hatred for war in the young Cheng’s mind, and birthed a deep compassion for the suffering people, something that would come out many years later in her life. Although they did not have money, they refused to accept the offerings that were given by the nearby villagers. When she tried to request for a full monastic ordination, the monks there turned her down because she did not have a master that oversaw her commitment. To Master, every person who visits, whether coming from near or far, is an honored guest and a friend. Remembering the teachings of the Buddhist nuns that she met during her father’s funeral, Cheng gradually felt the need to extend the love that she has for her family to the society—and eventually to all humanity. Her parents were very poor, and were trying to feed ten children already by the time Cheng was born. If we wish to mitigate this ecological crisis, we must first purify our minds. 1 review Life is happiest when you are needed by others and can do things for others.-- Master Cheng Yen. Hold on to the goodness that is in our heart at this present moment and take care to fulfill the duties that we have at hand” -Master Cheng Yen, Jing Si Aphorisms As the weeks went by, Cheng felt a growing concern about the plight of the suffering people around her. While at the temple, she asked one of the nuns what makes a woman happiest. Because of this, Cheng was given up for adoption by her parents to Wang Tien-sun, who was an uncle on her father’s side. Dharma Master Cheng Yen was born in 1937 in Qingshui, a small town in Taichung County, Taiwan. This resulted in the work greatly spreading, and the number of those who sponsored and contributed to The Pure Abode of Still Thoughts grew to such a point that Cheng realized she must formalize the creation of the charitable organization. Master Cheng Yen is a Buddhist nun, most known for her work as a teacher and philanthropist. And although they encountered a number of problems along the way (due to the political unrest between China and Taiwan, as well as the distrust of government officials who were wary of organizations such as the Tzu Chi Foundation), they did not stop from giving aid to the people who were suffering, as Cheng believed that compassion was never bound by politics or race. Cheng was born as Wang Jinyun in the Taichung County of Formosa (now known as Taiwan) in May 14, 1937. She had first hand experience growing up in sufferings during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. After her mother was released from the hospital, Cheng decided to devote her life to serving the Bodhisattva. They also grew their own food by planting rice, sweet potatoes, and peanuts. Wang Tien-sun and his family were also affected, with several of his movie theatres destroyed by either looting or bombing. Make good use of time and cherish what we have, treat one another with love, respect, and gratitude. In an interview made with Cheng many years later, she recalled how prior to her mother’s healing, right after she was prayed, the Bodhisattva Kuan-yin appeared to her in a dream and gave Cheng a packet of medicine which she administered to her mother. By 1945, at the close of the Second World War, Wang resumed his business, while Cheng stopped studying altogether, stayed at home, and assisted her father in his business. This shocked Cheng greatly, who came to ponder upon the futility of human life. She was given by her parents to her childless uncle and aunt to be raised. In order to be one, she had to be initiated by a teacher-monk and ordained by a senior monk. According to tradition, in order to become a nun, a woman must have been a disciple of a master for at least two years prior to the ordination. Taiwan's Dharma Master Cheng Yen is the embodiment of such a soul. She has also received multiple honorary doctorates from various schools, which recognize her as a compassionate and wise leader. Wang Tien-sun and his wife did not have any children and wanted one so much, that when they received Cheng into their life, they devoted themselves to loving and caring for little Cheng. This book was a good souvenir given to us by Mayor Lin Cheng-tse of Hsinchu, Taiwan when we had the opportunity for a courtesy call during the time that I attended a conference in this city last 2008. Gefällt 3.417 Mal. With only an hour before the closing of the registration, Yin Shun accepted Cheng as his disciple and gave her the name “Cheng Yen,” which was a symbol of her commitment to the life bereft of worldliness.

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