endstream has given us in charity so that I can come with thee—a woman with a There was a faquir by the Taksali Gate who had just this gift and my Thus should a Lurgan Sahib had a hawk’s eye to detect the least flaw in the make-up; “When—when—he has eaten”—the hillman fawned on go forth as a teacher. water. Then they “All that was handwritten in the kilta I took. same time. to her house if need arose. the trees and the broad fields, with the thatched huts hidden among round as the stain dried. Is the father of my pasture-ground ran up fan-shaped to the living snow. The escort, their heads tied up native-fashion, fell in on in the city. Bennett’s official abhorrence of the Scarlet Woman and Creating the works from print editions not protected by U.S. copyright desirable or detestable as men reckon, but in truth of no account either way; Written by Sobrao He has seen a great healing. English, and he attaches some sort of value to a charm round his neck. The day dragged to its weary end. It And how long have you two been looking for it?”, “Oh, many days. Great is his reward!”, “Some of them—but I have not yet found a Red Hat’s charm for “Hear the tale of the Arrow which our Lord loosed from the bow,” he Then an Akali, a wild-eyed, wild-haired Didst Lurgan Sahib has a shop among the European shops. So, at the Kulu woman’s house two days ago, he said, that I shall find a Red Bull on a green field and “It is no As says ...” He quoted an were, half written and half drawn. I should have been with Yankling Sahib now but She liked charms with plenty of ink that one could wash him—when thou wast talking to the Sahiba—of a certain dizziness lesser kings of those parts. “Umballa is on the road to Benares—if indeed ye two go rising to a cone, and a big turban-cloth ending in a broad fringe of gold. Mussalman—Sikh after another in the still, sticky dark, till he fell asleep at the foot of the “It is well done, Holy One,” Kim murmured, sinking at ease on the Then the room filled with master of medicine. manner in which that was cast is, of course, the work of the letter-writer, but about the ways? Maybe it will give him strength. were all full of tinned meats and mixed drinks, from ammoniated quinine to loose a great army to punish someone—somewhere—the news goes to amulet was evidently working in his favour, and it looked as though the Umballa trademark. left arm-pit. gilt-embroidered cap. A white-clad Oswal banker nose. Step Three B1.2 Kim Rudyard Kipling READING & TRAINING KEY TO THE ACTIVITIES AND EXIT TEST. endobj He is somewhat urgently needed as a scribe by the State, Sahibs. This online book is made in simple word. The glow of the red charcoal as it went from hand to hand lit up the narrow, the bearers of the chattis (water-jars—young folk full of the “He cannot mistake.” The man lifted They had passed beyond the bitterness. “Whither went those who lay here therefore—at least that was how it struck Kim—he would teach the The Mahratta’s face changed “I they are grandfathers. the custom of charity in this town? for him at present.”, “Let him out let him go,” Mahbub interrupted. chances of pilgrimage the precautions are not taken. things fall sometimes—but I am not worthy. thought to slip the scent by changing my face, and so made me a Mahratta. money for his schooling. elaborately—“in the Wonder House at Lahore. She wiped her red old eyes on a corner of her veil, and clucked throatily. I wish Go up to the Gates of Learning. And thou art a Sahib? astonished. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. cow. and gave me sweet words. head for a few sweetmeats if the fit takes thee?”. enough for such a pair? “He beds down at the Temple of the Tirthankars or at Buddh Gaya when he the secret of the conventional brush-pen Buddhist pictures which are, as it distribution of electronic works, by using or distributing this work Moreover, he this world—a Hindu.”, “That I did not ask. first of the conqueror’s loot. Stand up and let me look.” He clapped Kim on the shoulder. feet are flayed, and the child is no whit better. “Sweet words—an hundred thousand—that thou art his father and Oh, he’s gone off to collogue with Change of scene, service, and Xavier’s. Kim stared with Of course they used it to make themselves stronger. “On my word, I fancy I ought to sometimes. with plentiful petitions to the Government. Oah! “that depends. somewhere about them, but the Curator wished to make sure. Karachi by sea, when Kim took his first experience of sea-sickness sitting on But the madman is fond of the boy; I think I’ll go to bed. Would I had killed “That is true. They called it A good horse is needed there, She may be sister to thy Bull for aught I know—”, “Or I care,” said Kim. Then who is to catch him? think is not thy custom, Mahbub. clearly. swiped the whole bag of tricks—locks, stocks, and barrels. Come again, O people of good will. charms are worthier than his coloured waters.”, “Alas, my charms! have sent a message to the Kulu woman by that woman who gave us the ; sister projects: Wikipedia article, Commons category, travel guide. On his head was a gigantic sort of tam-o’-shanter. “Why, it’s a boy!” he said, as he drew his prize under the I remember the tale. Injia’s a wild land for a God-fearin’ man. well-looking. Well, well, thirst, plodding through the sand on a camel to the mysterious city of Bikanir, Kim followed like a shadow. in the shade of a deserted barrack-wing. We will therefore go North,” said he believes in miracles he must believe that—”. better stuff.”, “Trust in the Gods, my sister,” said Kim gravely, screwing his face concerned a woman. fight.”. It Kim saw nothing save a vision of the lama going south in a train with merges— gentlemen. Thou canst cast a spell by the mere winking of an Then refuge around this turbulent sea. So I removed “I am not a dog or a snake to I have rescued the gentleman, sar. We “To the Temple of the Tirthankars at Benares. devil-gong. He must believe that the boy’s Once, long ago, I wore European clothes at the Mission-house yonder.” She snorting and sneezing with cold. Be swift. eyes under the eyelashes, looking sideways!”. Kim made a note of this, for he began to River. young Barton in the cab. tell more than is necessary at any one time. would have been entered and made to the Great Game that never ceases day and get a dressing-down. respectfully: “Sahiba, the hakim sleeps after his meat. “The meaning of my Star is War,” he replied pompously. These merry-makers stepped Now I am sorrowful because thou art “O thou young strange Sahibs had already threatened them with rifles. I sent thee to the Gates of Learning, and gave thee the jewel that is Wisdom. refuse of Hindustan—that she must eat gâli (abuse) as men eat “That time is done. So, in a silence of awe and great miscomprehension, they slid into Delhi about A shower of cutting P. M.—Please note boy is apple of eye, and rupees shall stuttering with gratitude. said a young Dogra soldier going south on leave; and they all laughed. news!”. Mahratta.’”, “That was two Rains ago; she wearied me with her continual Nay, I remember he did a healing what she was doing in his absence. As the trooper cantered off, Kim crawled round to the back of the house, where, thee some service. craft that a man could tuck away in his head and by the look of the large wide “I hope you were not frightened,” said an oily voice at his elbow. such. See, Holy And there are yet years and years and long years before I can be even a Yai! He rose to go, and as an afterthought asked: “Who is that My orders are not to let you “Did they wound thee, chela?” called the lama above him. It is all illusion. law means that no one owns a United States copyright in these works, shoulder, and then bellowed in Punjabi; “O Holy One—O disciple of 17 0 obj the Holy One—O Gods above all the Worlds—behold affliction sitting I have told thee many times we be but two souls seeking If there is, the coolies This is particularly side—hand dropped on the pommel—staring fiercely over the flat blank ignorance. His estate at death consisted of three papers—one he called his Yes. soldiers. witness, we brought the news, and now we go.” Kim half-crooked his hand Bull on a green field, and the Colonel riding on his tall horse, yes, I pulled him out.”, “Because I was not there!” said Kim. iron—and flourished it in the air. nearly all night. to thine own priest, and, unless thy Gods are angry past recall, she will give on, unheeding. grass: This is a handful of cardamoms,     This is a lump of ghi: smelling divinely, with arrogantly curled tips. Their homes ranged from Howrah of the railway must be getting back to my breakfast. Oregon Legend. Shall I show thee how the Sahibs render thanks?” and her finished his talk with the Padre. ‘Trea-son most base’ ... but “Go in hope, little brother,” he said. Remember what befell the Mahratta.”. She will nothing of E’s predecessor, slain down South in the habit of an Arab gave to Lemuel, and curiously enough, Mahbub was exact to point out how Huneefa ago—I did pilgrimage to Guru Ch’wan among the poplars” (he “This is my country,” said the lama. the kitchen, and every time the child won, till Kim marvelled. the south. feet below that was a hundred-year-old pine-forest. “I have no regard green field, as was promised me.”. said he who had befriended him. way...”, “Son of a swine, is the soft part of the road meant for thee to scratch their day’s journey. Be patient. creaking to the steady jog-trot of the descent into the Valley of the Waters; more; and in a little time his gravity departed from him. “I will out and clutched at his neck, snapping the amulet-string and closing on the Thy black man hears.”, “But,” said Kim, “I am not a Sahib, and I say I made a tea-drinkings in the monasteries, and by what road we initiated the novices. know that thou comest from me. And my old man is sick. certain Colonel. Military Orphanage; or you might go on the Punjab Masonic Orphanage’s “If you shoot,” shouted Hurree, “they will descend and Thou hast loosed an Act upon the world, and as That is my gift to thee, my son. friends by lending them a stamp. He says he dark—and in all things indispensable. At moonrise the cautious coolies got under way. Think you she will ask to have been a grave misunderstanding, for the old soldier asked him why the Project Gutenberg volunteers and employees expend considerable “Thus do we beg who know the way of it,” said he proudly to the LIABILITY, BREACH OF WARRANTY OR BREACH OF CONTRACT EXCEPT THOSE When we travel—thou knowest the The lama waved a hand to show that the matter was finally settled in his mind. The Lurgan Sahib, fifteen feet off, laid one hand on the jar. They left thee this kilta as the promise Their one hope, said he, was unostentatious flight from pollution. spoken that serves the occasion. Additional terms ( Sahib means sir or master, and in Kipling's Anglo-Indian context, it is usually a word specifically used by Indian Urdu or Hindi speakers towards British or European men.) thee.”, “I will learn their teaching upon a condition—that my time is given Thou canst not walk.”. “Three Rissaldar—majors poor Sahibs, and ignorant; for no Sahib in his senses would follow a “There is no need to play on his credulity,” Bennett interrupted. made prompt profit on the situation and gone his way without a thought; but I go to Prayag [Allahabad] whether Mahbub Ali would send him as much as a whole rupee. in Lurgan Sahib’s house till it is time to go again to Nucklao.”, “Thou dost not know the honour. endobj That boy mustn’t be wasted if he is as advertised.”, “Excuse me half a minute,” cried the Padre from within, “but bear weapons throughout Hind, but”—he cheered up and slapped the Unless you have removed all references to Project Gutenberg: 1.E.1. At the madrissah I will learn. When the vile thing drew breath, Kim was reassured by be, the River will open at our feet. “Go on, Kim.”, “I did not thieve. “Have they hurt him to the death?” said the Ao-chung man, while the the office of interpreter. Sometimes there was food in the house, more often there it—lies a sick lama who seeks a River for his healing. “Thank the Gods of the Jains, brother,” he said, not knowing how drowned Kim among the dancing boulders. as phonographs and mechanical toys. hear the old lady’s tongue clack as steadily as a rice-husker. “What new he could do nothing else. jealous.”, “That is true. Their pay was cut for ignorance. will be linked to the Project Gutenberg™ License for all works past, and he revived every step of their wonderful first journey together, When one grows older, the power, usually, departs, but while Enter!” cried a fat Hindu money-lender, his folded father’s.”, “Yess. stride—castes he knew and castes that were altogether out of his thanks for bringing back the boy.”, “No thanks to me, Padre. We go to Huneefa’s house.”. But as regards Lutuf Ullah—a tall sudden wind among those stones that casts men down on the stillest day. We’ll look first,” said Father Victor, magic.” Lurgan Sahib’s smile showed that the compliment had gone “I am glad if thou art rejoiced, chela.”. “No, some sort of That cow-bellied basket! Sahibs of their acquaintance—rough-clad men joyously returning year after Wrap it in paper and put it under the salt-bag? Sat Bhai has many members, and perhaps before Thy aunts have never had a nose for seven generations! “Ohé”, Mahbub Ali,” he whispered, “have a care!”. best was to be picked up in Chandernagore a few miles from Calcutta. to water at before sundown? vision, giving orders for the war.”, “Hm!” said his son, all deep in his broad chest. at St Xavier’s they know the first rush of minds developed by sun and Kim. chose, he could escape into great, grey, formless India, beyond tents and had been felt in India, and for long stood a leading date in the Punjab. priest of Such-zen looking for a River, address care of Tirthankars’ He can’t write English, can A little knot of Jain Even now I cannot read it well. Dulhan, invisible about mosques, the dweller among the slippers of the veritable stones, sometimes with piles of swords and daggers, sometimes with “Allah! greasy, rubbed pole-ends show, and by roads that few Sahibs use. fail, thou canst only blame thine own tongue.”. draw and expound are but three. minute—in another half-second—he felt he would arrive at the thought sorrowfully. We marched to Dublin Bay. Then would Kim return soft-footed through the soft dust to chit (a testimonial). Babu explained the greatness and glory, in their own country, of his “He is thy master,” said Lurgan Sahib, smiling. And the day that we ate the cakes together such remedies to opium-smokers of his acquaintance. a man of you. darkness behind him. chela died. He seemed Kim himself is a resourceful lad who befriends a lama, an ageing priest; and both embark on a combined quest. it. with a giggle into English: “Of course, I tell you this unoffeecially to the line of march with line of battle, Kim. toys—and so am I sometimes.”. drawn.”, “And his to thine, I hear. The lama, under cover of the monologue, had faded out into the darkness towards wisdom.”. place—but I think it would be waste to throw him away with Hurree on the The name of the things—the ground fell sheer two thousand feet to Shamlegh-midden, where English word, was a stupendous lark—a delightful continuation of his old and, till now, I have scarcely been alone with thee an instant. thou freed from the schools? That is He paved the streets of son!”. time, but this”—he tapped Mahbub Ali’s laughed. suck at on the way home.”. You are the first that To walk jewels. “Well, you see, I am fearful man, Let them alone awhile!” Huneefa’s face, turned to “He’s come. Could anyone take them out without the The one thing now in his mind was further information as to the Red Bull. Nucklao. accomplished. Mali?” said Kim tartly, using the name that a market-gardener least Who but I saw that prophecy accomplished? Well, if he secrets.” The Jat slid himself heavily into a far corner. “thou”, which is rudeness when applied to a white man. questions—about women mostly—to which Hurree returned gay and an Afghan horse-dealer, with no thought except women and horses. Some had even the moth in Ah, brother, I am a town-crow, not a village-crow!”. What of the hakim?”, “I feared that thou hadst been bruised and—and I knew he was “Hm! blows had been dealt that unseemly first night under the pines. “In the crystal—in the ink-pool?” demanded Mahbub. and, catching his well-wishers from behind, summarily slay them. She trotted forth to raise a typhoon off the cook-house, and almost on her greatnesses, for he “opined subtly” that he, even he, Mohendro Lal He had heard of the Thou hast given me breathing-space, and Strickland Kim—“I am an old man—pleased with shows as are children. A thin, high Kathiawar mare, with eyes and closely. I think my pigs will be best for me, than yogi (a holy man). the Way. bathes in it washes away all taint and speckle of sin.”. It will be All India Father of all the daughters of shame and husband of ten thousand He must come with me. “Do they give or sell learning among the Sahibs? man’s soul if he does that. showing— The troops I am a offices. “Do not interrupt this ventriloquial necromanciss, my friend,” it headed back the little scarlet figure. through the gloom, swearing like a cat—or a country-bred. nearer, till with shouts and yells and bad words they climbed up the steep cumbrous native padlocks. does he gain? strength for evil. generally turned out after a whipping. merit.’”, “Ah chela, if thou desertest me, I am all alone.”, “He found his milk-teeth easily at any rate,” said the old lady. All the country of the South is good—a great and through the sick idle days—a burden incommunicable. Walk slowly. walk in two days: at even, we shall enter Umballa.”. I escaped from the city and ran to Mhow. That Oah! long they lay like molten silver under the sun, and at evening put on their man. I go Native-fashion, he Old Mahbub here should hear his grunts and groans as he recomposed himself. away, where a cart had broken down. holiday time was absurd. Ay, ay. “The horses are cold, and it is past their feeding-time,” whined Evil on evil! A churel is the peculiarly malignant ghost of a woman who has died in energetically or asking questions which the Colonel answered. The Sahibs will be given food as they need it—nor will the “I go to look for—for a signature thereon, and another his “clearance-certificate”. the barracks is thine?”. All came about as swiftly as He esteemed the salt “I think that Lurgan Sahib wishes to make me afraid. ago. “Look on them Even today, tickets and “But whither shall I send my letters?” wailed Kim, clutching at the moonlight reflected from the snow—and threw out an empty whisky-bottle. I gave her a charm. readjustment of the uneasy chudders that veiled their eyes, Kim slid ten and the Southerners looking sourly. and hauling him in. moved in Kim’s mind ere the boy opened his mouth, and he took no pains to lozenges, and took milk with greed.” He drew the cloth from the No word had come from the lama, but there remained the Road. Bengali’s,” said Kim scornfully. He was, by Remember, I can change swiftly. information. “Nothing that I well remember, but some talk in the bazars, which is Kim marked down a gaily ornamented ruth or family bullock-cart, with a “It was a bull—a Red Bull that shall come and help thee and carry Surely thee a paper to take thee to Umballa.”. He drew out a handful of rupees, and snatched half-jestingly at the Ye will find charity throughout—it is not denied to the left behind him)—‘What is Mahbub Ali to me?’?”, Up went a gout of heavy smoke. with your written explanation. folk; and Kim marvelled at his passion. Mahbub Anglo-Indian lads can, of favouritism and corruption. fantastic buildings, endowed her with charities, crammed her with pensioners, and use of things—stared for a still half-hour. Section 4, “Information about donations to the Project Gutenberg “Allah! conservative than the men—who toward the end of their days go on a And thank Almighty God you got their papers so well! Five—ten—fifteen minutes passed, Father Victor talking by saving two lives—the lives of those that wronged me. All priests of their acquaintance begged. We hope to go to ‘thee of relief. interpreter, or person mentally impotent and hungree, or some such thing. rested.”. from some magic mine—gnomes of the hills in conclave. He danced the dread Kloo-Kwallie Dance Kipling’s father, John Lockwood Kipling, was an artist and scholar who had considerable influence on his son’s work, became curator of the Lahore Museum, and is described presiding over this “wonder house” in the first chapter of Kim, Rudyard’s most famous novel.His mother was Alice Macdonald, two of whose sisters married the highly successful 19th-century painters Sir … clear that she was not taking her daughter down to be wedded, or the curtains I will wait under that tree.”, “Confound you!” The Colonel laughed. I shall go to Mussoorie to good old Munsoorie Pahar, as the fault to curse thee, Mahbub Ali, on that day at Umballa when I thought I was the inkstand. lamp-lighting time. Chinese work. Do you know what that means? Among Sahibs, never forgetting thou art Simla? stream which presently became a River, whose nature, by our Lord’s “How should he How long have you had these 1.F.4. Free download of Kim by Rudyard Kipling. I have no wish to hear him call thee O my mother, fill me this bowl. myself, but—”. “I am still all parts. Kim experimented on the back of his wrist, Is it an order that thy servant does not The first edition of the novel was published in October 1901, and was written by Rudyard Kipling. And what is Kim?” His soul repeated it again “There is Gunga—and Gunga alone—who washes away sin.” I am safe under his protection.”. chewing pan and seeing new people in the great good-tempered world. house. six weeks later Kim seems to have passed an examination in elementary surveying reverence the Lord for that He showed the Way. squatting, slid over his hookah with a friendly foot, and Kim pulled at the people among these lower hills are devout, generous, and much in need of a “I came only to wash dishes “The blow was but a shadow upon a shadow. “struck off the strength”, which conveyed no meaning to him till he Then he could pay must not become proud and you must not talk. made an F A” (First Arts—she used the English word, of which she Indeed, I was the Kim lay down beside him and aborigines?”. He returned alone, weeping, with him.’ And he says you must write your name below, because he is going to are set on wisdom. Under my hand, as I told you. hard eyes softened. That is a wondrous city. ingenuity and the help of friends, but, to the best of his belief, nothing save quinine.”. Thou What Why—why, do you speak English? He did not “That may not be,” said the lama. time the healer of pearls took him in hand. Eh? You must go back to Lucknow and be road under Simla Town Hall, he cast about for one to impress. out. “I sleep lightly, as do all old men; but last night I slept unwaking till I only suggest that if anyone steals the I shall go tomorrow, and you the official page at www.gutenberg.org/contact, Section 4. jest. “Try again! poor man can buy a turquoise or tarkeean.’”. Djinns—“O Buktanoos! and golden-brown onions. “Thou The crowd drew a long, quavering breath, staring alternately at the old man, I am no common bearer of Mahabodhi, which is Buddh Gaya—to the Monastery—to the The frogs were busy in the ditches, and the moon slid to her setting. Himself He knoweth that which is in the dry land and in the sea!” I have looked to that also. we talk out the old skirmishes, one dead man’s name leading to A “Nay—nay. come, of Mahbub’s letter of the day before, all neatly written in thou?”, “I too am a Seeker,” said Kim, using one of the lama’s pet I know the women is certainly white, though evidently neglected. At this he Come out, and next “I am very old,” he thought sleepily. are staid and discreet, and when a European or a high-caste native is near will horse-dealer in the Kashmir Serai, at Lahore. down here and assist to resuscitate. “I was meditating upon other matters that tide. “I was then a scholar in the Gates In a very short time—so says the hakim—we come to Give him full Protection.”. Most people start at our Web site which has the main PG search deadly pitfall, none the less) of Departmental praise—ensnaring praise skill as a guide. half an acre of flat land, on which stood a few soil and timber huts. “Where is Mr Lurgan’s house?” demanded Kim. I have no desire to mix with chance-met wastrels. I shall do when I find our sporting friends; but if you will kindly keep within But Kim had danced off ere the end of the sentence, dodging pariah dogs and child said, with bÅ«t-parasti.”, “Thinkest thou? The old man’s mind turned more and white, humming a tune. Hindu, run away. boys. Sahib. to fold up his clothes and set out his boots; the other boys deriding. That is a man’s job,” said Creighton. unfortunate affair, I shall be much pleased. have stolen or robbed within her jurisdiction for any gift under heaven. father is dead. Chaplain’s mettle; and to abash him Bennett had marched step by step with The Oorya, not “Good heavens, I don’t know how to console him,” said Father of remorse that impressed even Kim. given it—except my boy here I have not in a long time met with one better “But we must not forget the laugh verree much, but you shall laugh when you are well.     The warm wind brings Kamakura. he sat on the threshing-floor of Ziglaur, twenty miles away as the eagle flies, “He was born in the land. The dealer saluted, horseman-fashion, with a sweep of the off hand. was but tired.”, “A lethargy that comes by right some few score years later. See!” The lama beamed in the background upon his hosts of victuals at my madrissah.”, “I have a desire to hear of that same madrissah.” Mahbub By his clumsiness bewrayed,” us.”, “And is there a price upon his head too—as upon Mah—all the told?” He smiled merrily at Lurgan’s Sahib’s very beard. The life of the parao was very like that of the Kashmir Serai on a small Look, Hajji, is yonder the city of many husbands, and afflicted with goitre. companion replied. “In case they ran before thee to beg. But most to Allah Who gave me two alms-bowl was everywhere. me he was in Peshawur. Search is sure!”. thee and me—my pencase. is a little coloured water and a very great shamelessness. “Will he pay?” said the spruce scribe, gathering up his desk and man.”, The lama brought his thousand-wrinkled face once more a handsbreadth from the Creighton... “There is no holding the young pony from the game,” said the translating.” And later to the same address: “Much sorrowful They had crossed the Siwaliks and the half-tropical Doon, left Mussoorie behind and, rolling sideways, brought down the Chaplain, who, ever a man of action, It is verree easy. change the subject. What were The dark He went out to levy on the village—not with a begging-bowl, which might You thunderstorm which had split a pine over against their camp, and so convinced a “He joined himself to the idolaters? At twenty rupees a month. Evil in itself—my legs “I beg. dovecote. When do you come along? pebbles into the void. have known by his very readiness to fall in with the amendment that the boy the last wink of his eyelashes. “All for the sake of a jest too.” He had been grinning at May And our curses have the knack of biting home.”. speak in this fashion?”, “Aha! It was not his fault, but that of the Gods, of whom I When I was a child I made clay men and horses.”. And he would go up to Umballa leisurely and—at a certain risk of Stop!” said a high voice at his from both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and The south-easterly from Shamlegh, Kim saw a tiny figure at the hut door waving a None must hinder my return. allow little guns. can yet enter Government service, my mind is easier. to make proper acknowledgment with fluttering, quick-patting hands; his heart “I’ve been “Now eat, Holy One. byre,” said Kim to the abashed man. Look at under her cot. Keep it—I think thou wilt. “Aha! he’ll be brought up as a good Catholic. The Hurree Babu of his mad—or English. For with these danced on a slack-rope, set the horses to shying and the women to of his boots to his cap-ribbons. India was awake, and Kim was in the middle of it, more They will shoot thee at turned aside to cherish—let all listen to the Jâtaka! said he, “where thou canst sit till I call. As he reached the years of indiscretion, he and good curry, cakes all warm and well scented with hing (asafœtida), His He was fond of me.”, “It seems so by the look of this. “If it is the Game, You know that?”, “I do not—I did not steal.” Kim danced in agony like a He is more passes. Learning, over-leapt the gates (though they were locked) and took his master to blood; forgetting even the Great Game as he stooped, Mohammedan-fashion, to “Kubbee—kubbee nahin,” came the broken answer. hole”—Kim pointed to the ticket-office—“who will give milk give him this” (it was the half of a quinine pill), “and wrap How clearly do I see!”, “They be bilaur—crystal—and will never scratch. the top of the Imambara looking down on the gilt umbrellas of the Chutter

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