May the one who comes this Advent season guide us, teach us and be with us on our journey here on Earth, Amen One of the challenges I think we face in the 21st century is the skill of listening. Some sermons are more applicable to us than others, and some pastors are easier to follow than others. Several were absolutely excellent. What’s the opposite of good listening? Well perhaps that is hyperbole, but you get my point…. Donate Now; Automatic Giving; Legacy Giving; Ways to Give; Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time Since 1969 Play. Just as we often fail to listen carefully to other people, so we often fail to listen carefully to the Lord. But our minds are already made up and we don’t want to hear what God says because it confronts the direction we want to go. Very motivating. Over time, we filter out what we do not want to hear, modify what is incongruent with our self perception, and absorb data that seems useful. The Spirit’s power grants me to understand spiritual truths (1 Corinthians 3:13-14). Summary: Part 2 of a series designed to help us hear the voice of God in our lives. sermon: Listening Hearing, Understanding, and Doing Richard T. Ritenbaugh Given 03-Jul-04; Sermon #674; 74 minutes. Other Christians consider themselves islands of self-sufficiency; they remain focused on themselves and their own needs. Regular conversation with God can transform your life! Like the slow and steady marination of our favorite meat, we immerse ourselves in the speaker’s words, trusting that our heart will, in good time, absorb its full meaning Wisdom begins when we listen more and talk less . Explain. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Different preaching can stimulate freshness in yours. Just as in a conversation, you cannot hear the other person if you are talking or if your mind is distracted. In fact, He designed it before we were ever born. Take notes during the sermon. That's a sure sign that something is not right, and that "something" is your love for God. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. WE ARE CREATED TO SERVE II. A different style of illustration. Sometimes it’s truly hard to listen to people. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Skillful listening – An Advent sermon on Mark 1;1-8. I now have a young group with a large youth group. He got nervous and tense about it. Listen to the sermon with an open Bible. Listening for one thing …. His Word is often clear on the issue we are facing. As a rowdy class leaves and I have a moment before the next comes in I can take the time to reflect on something I have heard. When we stop striving and dive into His Word, we open the door to experience His many blessings. Change ). There are ways to make it happen though – give your pulpit to someone else sometimes, create a preaching team if your church doesn’t have one, listen to sermons online, listen to Christian radio at the right time if you have the option to do so, attend a conference periodically. The story is told of an elderly man who stopped at a hearing aid clinic and asked about their prices. The natural, resistant unbeliever rejects the Spirit and his voice. We will see a different take on a text that we thought we fully knew. During the winter, people cut large blocks of ice from the frozen lakes and streams. They listen with an ear to fight rather than to grow. Arrange to meet physically in each other’s homes to listen to the sermon together. Scripture: Luke 10:38-42. What does the gospel have to do with listening to others? Discuss these points with others, write them down in a journal or even a note card and keep them before you throughout the week. What I'm talking about is a pattern. E.g., the parable of the sower - Mt 13:9 c. It is easy to start assuming everyone is handling the text as best they can and preaching expository sermons. Listening is one of the easiest things youll ever do, and one of the hardest. In a discerning Berean-like spirit check your pastor’s word with what God says and submit yourself to God’s truth. We will see how to integrate illustrations differently. The … Serving God By Serving Others (Labor Day) Stan Coffey Matthew 20:25-26 OUTLINE: I. Ah, but it’s not! Do you think if you looked through your conversations with that lens, it would change the way you listen and communicate? I like your first point. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We will be exposed to different approaches to structure a sermon. E.g., the explanation of the parable of the tares - Mt 13:43 2. I came away charged up to be the best expository preacher I can be. The hunter lowered his rifle. The mark of a bad sermon listener is someone who has no interest in learning and hearing the truth but rather seeks to defend their opinions even if they are unbiblical. An exemplary use of words. Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” With those words Samuel has opened his ears and heart to what God has to say. What are some of your not so great listening habits that you could work on? Bible verses related to Listening To Others from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order James 1:19 - Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let … Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Before refrigerators were invented, people used ice houses to preserve their food. But the … Part of hearing the Lord speak is a matter of fruit-bearing (John 15) in my life. Previous | Index | Next >> "HOW WELL DO YOU LISTEN?" Preacher after preacher. John 3:3. This Sermon is an adaptation of John Maxwell’s Book, ‘The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. " 6. Good morning boys and girls! WE SERVE BECAUSE OF JESUS For most people in America Labor Day is a holiday. ( Log Out /  A book, a piece of paper, a pencil, a cell phone, and some coins. Third, listen to and act on the sermon throughout the week. They’re not. When they passed out looks, I thought they said books and I said I didn't want any. For the most part, hearing the Word meant meeting with other believers and listening to the Word being taught. Please share your thoughts. It is a delight to hear an expositor doing it well! Home Sermons Listening for God « Last Week's Sermon. The salesman said, “Well, our prices range from $25,000 all the way down to $1.50.” 2. A creative introduction. Sometimes it’s truly hard to listen to people. I think there is something there for us as preachers. In the second part of his sermon series, "Steps to God’s Guidance," Dr. Stanley assures us that, as believers, all we need to do is seek Him and He will answer. It is hearing with faith (Galatians 3:2, 5) that accents the achievements of Christ and thus is the channel of grace that sta… What’s the opposite of good listening? Listening To God Series Contributed by Joe Holman on Oct 20, 2004 (message contributor) based on 47 ratings (rate this sermon) | 8,329 views. Sermon Illustrations: Listening To God / To Others When they gave out brains, I thought they said trains and I missed mine. LISTENING. What are some things that can make it difficult? We preachers are members as well and we need to hear a word from the Lord as a hearer rather than a presenter. Posted on February 28, 2014 by hewjr781 — Leave a comment. This is called discerning listening. In a sense, listening is easy or hearing is easy. I think that listening to other preachers is probably the third most important component to good preaching, behind connection to God and regular Bible reading and study. … Try to practice showing Jesus’ love by listening intentionally to someone each day. Listening to God requires making time for Him. It would be inconsistent to believe strongly in the need for believers to hear the Word preached, but separate yourself from that category! Jesus spent a great deal of time listening to people who were hurting. It meant hearing, memorizing and then meditating on what you had heard. If you are confined to your own home, gather with those you live with. People enjoy being around them because they are always ready with an encouraging word. But also hearing poor preaching is motivating. Application: When we learn to listen to God through His word and in our prayer times, it will become easier to listen to people as well. Sermon. My father was a blacksmith, and I would watch him shape red hot metal on the anvil, and when he got it to what he wanted the finished product proved exactly the purpose it was formed for, how ever lowly the product was. "Okay. It’s good to hear good sermons and I find that good practice slowly seeps in to what I do. And more often than not I end up thinking, “If I preached that passage I’d …” or “I’d never have thought of …”. To whom do we listen? Hearing good preaching is motivating. It also fires me up for preaching. Listen Now. SERMON NOTES | SN140112 Encouraging One Another SUMMARY Some Christians freely give of themselves to others. Next Week's Sermon » Sermon Listening for God. WE ARE CALLED TO SERVE IV. Have referred to my friends. Scripture. WE ARE GIFTED TO SERVE V. WE ARE COMMANDED TO SERVE VI. SERMON NOTES From In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Listening to God SUMMARY It’s very comforting to know that God loves us enough to make a plan for each of our lives. If we can say something about God by the way we listen, how do we become better listeners? Theme. "That evening after sunset the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon possessed. Sermons; Listening To God; View on one page; Download (PDF) Copy sermon Print ; Save View all Sermons. It is a celebration of the unique rights and freedoms … Follow along in your Bible when Scripture is read and referenced. Choose one or two points of application to think on and try to find ways to put it into practice. Romans 12:12. Steven Boersma, Lakeview, SD Keywords: listening, discouragement, encouragement, faith, ministry. I am suggesting that listening can stimulate your preaching. If physical meetings are impossible, organize a group of believers online (through Zoom, Facebook, Google Meet, etc.). A different way of structuring the message. If we call them windows and train children to listen to the sermon illustrations thinking about what they are supposed to really see as they look through them, then we will help them become better sermon listeners for life. Luke 10:38-42 Are You Listening? A Listening Heart Acts 16:14-15 And a certain woman named Lydia, from the city of Thyatira, a seller of purple fabrics, a worshiper of God, was listening; and the Lord opened her heart to respond to the things spoken by Paul. I am looking for excellent “contemporary” preachers who are good expositors. Introduction: A. Playing. He’s listening for a truth about himself, a truth for his life, a truth that might chart a way forward. ( Log Out /  1202 N. Government Way, Spokane, WA 99224. Children will naturally listen to the practical illustrations in the sermon. By Lois Parker Edstrom. Don’t let the Sunday sermon be a one-time event that fades from memory as soon as it is over. How are you guys this morning? I’m not suggesting you listen to sermons only to pack your bag with goodies like a petty thief in a rich mansion (although Haddon Robinson does say “if you are going to steal from sermons, then go to a rich neighborhood”)  I am not suggesting you listen in order to emulate their preaching. Sermon on John 10 The Good Shepherd preached by The Reverend Charles Royden 25 April 1999. So it is with God. I know it’s the same eternal gospel we preach, and even the applications will be the same through the generations, but is the way we communicate different between the builder generation and post-moderns? Nothing about our lives is an accident. Learn how your comment data is processed. One of the challenges of a regular preaching ministry is finding opportunity to listen to others. It is passive, something that is preached to me, not something I actively do. Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Sermons Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists. In this sermon, we learn how to have wholly devoted ears by listening to God, listening to others, and listening to only what is good. Sermon Questions. How? And when you are reminded of that, at a conference, or reading sermons online, you may find your engines fired to press on! Contact Us; 800-55-GRACE [email protected] Account Log In; Search; Navigate; About. Deep Listening – A Sermon On John 1:43-51. Suggestion: Use a second person to talk or create a distraction, at the beginning of the lesson, while the lesson leader is greeting the children. Thats why faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ (Romans 10:17). During His earthly ministry, Jesus often concluded a lesson by crying out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" Of course you learn in your study and often preparing and preaching a sermon makes far more impact than merely hearing it. What does the gospel have to do with listening to others? I often listen to a sermon on my way to work. I'm talking about a constant, losing battle to keep your mind on the sermon. Listening to others is worth the effort for several reasons: You are a part of the body of Christ too. I sometimes think our modern technology has made it so easy to hear the Word that we hardly hear it at all. As we grow older, other voices add to those perceptions, complementing or challenging what our parents have said. Listening to God is like listening to anyone-before you can hear Him, you must be ready to listen. Explain. This week, read Philippians 2:1-8 every day. What are some of your not so great listening habits that you could work on? In the past couple of years I have preached little, but have raised by game in studying homiletics and teaching homiletics. Object. Very motivating. Then, talk with someone afterwards and share about how your practice went. There are ways to make it happen though – give your pulpit to someone else sometimes, create a preaching team if your church doesn’t have one, listen to sermons online, listen to Christian radio at the right time if you have the option to do so, attend a conference periodically. But the nature of the body of Christ indicates that you need to receive from the gifting of others, for they are gifted to build you up. How to Listen to a Sermon: Listen to Learn from Scripture, Not Argue Your Opinion with the Preacher. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Children’s Sermon Luke 10:38-42 Are You Listening? Denomination: Independent/Bible. Hearing good and bad preaching can be highly motivating. Listening is one way we show Christ's love to others. Although God’s plan is the best possible path, it’s not always the easiest. Yet I have learned much more by listening to others. 7. Writer Charles Swindoll once found himself with too many commitments in too few days. The Father never intended you or me to live in isolation. God can speak clearly, but if we are not listening carefully, we miss His will for our lives. ( Log Out /  WE ARE SAVED TO SERVE III. A hunter sneaked up on a duck and was about to fire when the duck yelled, "Don't shoot and I'll give you a hot tip for the stock market!" If you all have any names of good contemporary preachers, and even better with podcasts, I’d appreciate it. I am definately more likely to have a smile on my face in the day than if I just listened to the radio. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. It was difficult and humbling to not preach every week. I think this is very important. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Have you ever had struggles communicating with someone? Have you ever had struggles communicating with someone? "It's a company called Sounds like a Duck," the bird said. ( Log Out /  5. Grace to You Sermons; The Study Bible; Blog; Devotionals; Sermons; Donate. What's the stock?" Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. One of the hardest things I had to learn was to listen. Big names. It doesnt demand the initiative and energy required in speaking. 1. Grace to You ... Grace Stream; Bible Q&A's; Portraits of Grace; Resources; Store; Apps. We don’t copy the style or content of other preachers, but just listening to them will do things to us. a. Description: Richard Ritenbaugh, reflecting upon the average American's pathetically short attention span (largely caused by media over-stimulation), admonishes us to improve our listening and concentration skills. Have you ever asked yourself how Jesus would interact in a certain conversation you’ve had, or need to have? My first pastorate was with an elderly congregation who loved 3 points and a poem. What are some things that can make it difficult? By listening to someone else there is an influencing that injures ones own appreciation of the text, and even act as a discouragement. One of the challenges of a regular preaching ministry is finding opportunity to listen to others. Needed: Expository Preaching Promoters – Part 1, Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Prayer. After the parable of the sower, Jesus says, ‘Consider carefully how you listen’ (Luke 8:18). Sermon prepared by: Rev. E.g., concerning John the Baptist - Mt 11:15 b. Second Sunday after the Epiphany – 1 Samuel 3:1-20 and John 1:43-51. I can miss hearing from the Lord because of my rebellious heart. From big churches. Sit with someone you know, or invite someone you love! The teacher asked him, “Who do you listen to?” And the student said, “I don’t listen to anybody.” The Jazz musician told the student, “you will never be an effective Jazz musician unless you listen to and love Jazz music.”. The point is that hearing is easy, and faith is not an expression of our activity, but our receiving the activity of another. For instance, last spring I attended a three-day preaching congress. "I was snapping at my wife and our children, choking down my food at mealtimes, and feeling irritated at those unexpected interruptions through the day," he recalled in his book Stress Fractures. And listening to a sermon is easier than watching TV, because I don’t have to master the remote. Today I want to talk about prayer. However, I am compelled to listen to the Lord because of his divine work in my life through the gospel. Something from the sermon then stays with me all day as I walk around school. [15] OUR SERVICE IS NEEDED VII. In addition, I think it is important to recognize that just hearing other people will, as you say, stir the “creative juices.”, Back in the day when I was trying to learn Jazz (which I never was effective doing), one book I was reading talked about a musician who never could get his Jazz concept right. INTRODUCTION 1. If you want to hear Him speak, you must be quiet and you must be focused on what He is saying. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Love the blog. When they passed out noses, I thought they said roses and I ordered a big red one. Others were surprisingly or even shockingly poor. We're only human, and God knows that.

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