We don’t know. From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. . He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. If so, it wouldn’t be ever-expanding. The Master tells me each world he gives is tailor-made to the receiver.”, “Yes,” the Carpenter said. Why Should Leaders Stop Obsessing About Platforms And Ecosystems? How many times has God heard our cries when we imagined he didn’t? The Valles Marineris is a vast canyon that stretches one-sixth of the way around Mars. 2. They have been designated “PSR1257+12 A, ..B, and ..C”. Everything God tells us suggests we will look back at the present Earth and conclude, creatively speaking, that God was just “warming up” and getting started. Just as I believe this “self-same body”—as the Westminster Confession put it—will be raised and the “self-same” Earth will be raised, I believe the “self-same” Horsehead Nebula will be raised. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. The Bible appears to say otherwise: “Death came through a man [Adam]” (1 Corinthians 15:21). (Romans 8:19-23). Certainly. Privacy Policy. The Great Spot is a red dot on the planet, and you can have a good view of it with the larger telescopes. #5 Saturn. Consider it further. In describing the New Earth, John speaks of “a mountain great and high” (Revelation 21:10). This is surely a high and God-glorifying response. What possible effect could our redemption have on galaxies that are billions of light years away? God hasn’t exhausted his creative resources. and remembered it was not. Do you hear longing in the cries of whales? This corresponds to Genesis 1:1, indicating a complete renewal of the same physical universe God first created. It’s good news for the sky above and the earth below. Still, she felt profoundly at home. (emphasis added). And God’s creation will never run out of the beauty that will be the Creator’s reflection. How about the Voyager spacecraft? God’s Kingdom is described as one “that cannot be shaken” (Hebrews 12:28). This being so, it is clear that the life of the new humanity in their resurrection bodies of glory can be described only in symbolic terms.” But what’s the biblical evidence for this claim? They’re now heading out of our solar system. . God is going to enjoy his new universe, and we’ll enter into his joy. Visiting a Star Trek convention demonstrates how this—like anything else—can become a substitute religion, but the fervor points to a truth: We do possess a God-given longing to know a greater intelligence and to explore what lies beyond our horizons. Based on the redemptive work of Christ, God will resurrect them. If the rest of the planets and the entire universe fell with and will rise with mankind, I can easily envision our inhabiting and governing other resurrected planets. But the present Heaven is described as unshakable in ways the physical universe isn’t (Hebrews 12:26-28). The universe will be our backyard, a playground and university always beckoning us to come explore the wealth of our Lord—as one song puts it, the God of wonders beyond our galaxy. It’s a narrow view of both God and humans to imagine that God can be pleased and glorified with a trumpet but not a desk, computer, or baseball bat. Do artists deliberately inject decay into their work? Just after sunset on the evening of December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together in Earth’s night sky than they have been since the Middle Ages, offering people the world over a celestial treat to ring in the winter solstice. Apparitions can last a few weeks (in the case of Mercury) to almost two years (in the case of Mars). Remember, God will make the new heavens, which will correspond to the old and which will therefore include renewed versions of the planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies God created in the first heavens. This time no human accomplishment, no cultural masterpiece, no technological achievement will be marred by sin and death. You won’t have fins, and you won’t swim. We know what God intended for mankind and the earth, and therefore we have an object for our longing. But there’s also hope, visible in springtime after a hard winter. Always use a special solar filter designed specifically for solar observing. Then in Isaiah, God says, “Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth” (Isaiah 65:17). If we know Jesus, you and I, we who will never pass our peaks will be there to behold an endless revelation of natural wonders that display God’s glory . . Can you? It may be that Christ’s government will always increase because he will continually create new worlds to govern (and, perhaps, new creatures to inhabit those new worlds). with nothing to block our view. Or is the height of human imagination at its best a reflection of the infinite creativity of the divine mind? Well we can see planets but by know im sure you know this,, but we only can see like 5 or six planets with the naked eye, The main reason we cant see planets is that stars are huge,, forget the light they produce that helps but its the size that counts,,, You’ll never be able to see another like it.”. Wouldn’t that bring God glory? The power of Christ’s resurrection is enough not only to remake us, but also to remake every inch of the universe—mountains, rivers, plants, animals, stars, nebulae, quasars, and galaxies. The stars of the heavens declare God’s glory (Psalm 19:1), yet how vast and distant they are. He’ll never stop being what he is. Our God, after all, is called the one “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries. Not if we understand both Scripture and science. The popularity of science fiction reflects that longing. This warped space, together with the region inside it, accelerates off at "warp speed" and the vessel then essentially "surfs" the wave in space-time created by this distortion.”. And I haven’t even begun to explore it! The God who gave people creativity surely won’t take it back, will he? Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. We’ll live in resurrected bodies on a resurrected Earth. In my novel Dominion I try to depict this in a scene in which Jesus takes a woman who has died to a new world: Eventually they arrived on a world more beautiful than Dani could fathom—cascading waterfalls, rainbows of a hundred colors, mountain peaks five times higher than any on earth. If I wait for you at a gate on the west side, you won’t see me if you show up at a gate on the east side. Isn’t it reasonable to suppose that the pristine conditions of God’s original creation were such that humans and animals would not die, stellar energy would be replenished, and planets would not fall out of orbit? I was mesmerized. “Why hasn’t anyone told me of this place until now? The earth and planets and stars and galaxies are not past their prime. This may seem radical, but it’s just the beginning. People didn’t venture across oceans and to outer space because of sin. We also sometimes get to see other solar systems forming, which teaches us about our own origins. It’s Christoplatonism that tries to persuade us something’s wrong with space and time. Science fiction is the result of mankind’s God-given sense of adventure, wonder, creativity, and imagination. Currently Venus is a most inhospitable planet. It’s our God-given hunger for adventure, for new realms and new beings, for new beauties and new knowledge. In 2 Peter 3:4-7, the Bible rejects the uniformitarian view that “processes acting in the same manner as at present and over long spans of time are sufficient to account for all current . It’s that we’ll be far better finite humans than we have ever been. Why not? The starship itself rests in a warp bubble between the two spacetime distortions. “Beautiful as this is, mine seems the perfect one for me. Will the father whose son had cerebral palsy see what would have happened if he’d followed his temptation to desert his family? My residence will be a new universe, with far more spectacular celestial wonders, and I’ll have the ability to look through clouds or rise above them. You can see 99.99% of the mass of the solar system with no instruments whatsoever: 1. On the one hand, these cataclysms declare God’s greatness. So we don't see planets near the North Star or any of the other stars that are above or below the flat ecliptic. Venus is always brilliant, and shining with a steady, silvery light. Give painters a room full of canvases, and they will paint. Why Does All Creation Await Our Resurrection? By rebelling against the King of kings, mankind abdicated dominion over the earth. The promise of Heaven is not that we will become infinite—that would be to become inhuman. The morning star is a celestial object—the planet Venus. Have you ever read about people who have taken amazing journeys and wished you had the time, money, courage, or health to do the same? Unless you’re a Christoplatonist, you realize the answer is no. She describes it this way: “It was like being inside joy, as if joy was something tangible, and you could wrap yourself up in it like a blanket.”. We should expect new and wondrous creations that declare his glory. What does it mean that creation waits for God’s children to be revealed? Planets can be seen during a period called apparition. You would need to somehow make humans immortal, beyond boredom, and be able to feed them and take care of their needs for thousands of years to get there. It’s not speculative to say there will be a new celestial universe of stars and planets. Perhaps we’ll have opportunity to see the lives of our spiritual and physical ancestors lived out on Earth. Oceans with blue-green water, and waves crashing upon rocks the size of mountains. . Not only mankind in general but believers in particular (those with God’s Spirit within) are aligned with the rest of creation, which intuitively reaches out to God for deliverance. Now, with over 4,000 exoplanets cataloged, the horizons of planetary science are broader than ever. How can we find Earth-like planets in other solar systems? It should move our hearts to wonder and praise. One author says, “Time and space will not be the same as known here on earth, and relationships will be of a different order. We will see history as definitive documentation of that reality. Look at God’s track record in creating natural wonders in this universe. No. God made countless billions of galaxies containing perhaps trillions of nebulae, planets, and moons. Jesus says of the overcomer, “I will also give him the morning star” (Revelation 2:28). . You may opt-out by. Since this is the New Earth, we should expect geographical properties of Earth: mountains, waterfalls, and other natural wonders. It would be simple for God to open the door to the past. Humans could never survive its incredible heat and corrosive atmosphere. And what about other galaxies, which are plentiful as blades of grass in a meadow? When we walk outside the city gate, we won’t remain inside. Usually we’re not able to see God’s immediate responses to our prayers, but in Heaven God may permit us to see what happened in the spiritual realm as a result of his answers to our prayers. This isn’t a modern development; it was true of ancient people as well. As old stars burn out, new stars are being born. It seems possible that even the second law of thermodynamics (at least as it is popularly understood) may have been the product of mankind’s fall. The new heavens will surely be superior to the old heavens, which themselves are filled with untold billions of stars and perhaps trillions of planets. Believing mold to be a negative form of life leeching off living matter through a … He is glorified by what he creates and rules. But certainly the new heavens and the New Earth will. “How could that be?”, “This is yours. After searching in vain for small cracks in the sky, I went inside and wrote these paragraphs. Do you see blood and pain in the eyes of wild animals, or the mixture of pleasure and pain in the eyes of your pets? Where Is There Still Room For Growth When It Comes To Content Creation? So what can it mean? What if God intended that our dominion over the earth would ultimately extend to the entire physical universe? ... we can’t see them so readily. It is one of the most observed planets. We do know, however, that the New Jerusalem will have streets and gates, suggesting conventional modes of travel. In other words, they can be delayed (time) from arriving at a particular destination (space). Mars, Mercury and Venus can be seen during dawn or dusk when in this period. For the time being, he sets aside everything else to focus on this one work to bring it to completion.

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