1. Apostle Paul’s Prayers In Ephesians Ephesians 1:3, Ephesians 1:15–23, Ephesians 3:14–21,. Seven Prayers in Luke:196. References to prayer (John 7:37-39; 14:12-15; 15:7,16; 16:23-26). List Of Books In The Bible Written By Apostle Paul. Moses in complaint to God for not delivering Israel (42 words; Ex 5:22-23). Answered because God wanted to please Moses (Ex 4:14-17). Seventy-two Prayers in Psalms:73-123. 68. 3. 45. Answered by faith. Answered (Matt 14:31). 54. 0 4. Esther Chapter 5: Esther's Prayer and the power of the third day. We pray that the eyes of your understanding (mind) may be enlightened, so that you may know the hope of Christ's calling, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints. 200. Answered because of God’s plan for him (Gen 32:1-33:17). Hannah for a son (55 words; 1 Sam 1:11). Jesus on the cross (9 words; Matt 27:46). Yet many people are unsure how to pray. 173. 40. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Glorified saints in worship (56 words; Rev 19:1-6). John for the coming of Jesus Christ a second time, 5 words (Rev 22:20). Ezra for forgiveness and help (419 words; Ezra 9:5-15). 5. Abraham for an heir (40 words; Gen 15:2-3). Martyrs for vengeance (22 words; Rev 6:10). A Pharisee in boasting of his righteousness (34 words; Luke 18:11-12). by I Gordon. 190. Great multitude in worship (13 words; Rev 7:10). 60. The Old Testament gives God´s name as Jehovah which is an amalgam of two other names. Seven types of prayer: 162. A: The Bible tells us in (1 Th 5:17) to “pray without ceasing.”While I don’t believe this literally means to never stop praying, I would say that Jesus probably came closer to never stopping than any person who has ever lived on this planet. 35. The first time prayer is mentioned in the Bible is Genesis 4:26. 229. See notes on these psalms. Abraham for Sodom to be spared if 10 persons were righteous (176 words; Gen 18:23-32). 2. Answered because of God’s plan. The following list of Bible prayers is from the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, King James Version (Used by Permission – Dake Publishing). 187. The quotations on this page are taken from the New Revised Standard Version of The Bible. There are 650 prayers listed in the Bible. Answered because God had promised (Gen 21:1-8). Moses for the healing of Miriam (8 words; Num 12:13). Jonah for deliverance from hell (198 words; Jonah 2:1-9). 172. Jeremiah for help for Judah (81 words; Jer 14:20-22). And every time we read that, we should pray … It says, “ And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone. Moses makes requests to God (Psalms 90). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. References to prayer (1 Sam 7:9; 8:6; 12:18; 15:11; 28:6). Jeremiah, questioning God (133 words; Jer 12:1-4). 18. Two Prayers in Deuteronomy:20. 217. 28. In 50 prayer-psalms he made requests for various blessings, most of them being answered because of faith in God’s promises (Psalms 3-7; 9; 12:1-13:6; 16:1-17:15; 19:1-20:9; 22; 25:1-31:24; 35:1-36:12; 38:1-41:13; 51; 54:1-61:8; 64; 69:1-70:5; 86; 108:1-109:31; 119; 124; 132; 139:1-144:15). God hears the cry of Israelites in Egypt. Billy Graham Answers. 9. In addition to The Lord's Prayer the gospel writers - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - have recorded in the bible other prayers that Jesus said. 58. Paul mentions prayer 41 times (prayer, prayer requests, exhortations to pray). David for revelation (16 words; 2 Sam 2:1). Answered because of God’s word and plan for him (Gen 25:19-23; 26:3; 27:28-29; 28:3-4,13-15; 32:9). Apostle Paul’s Prayers In Philemon Philemon 4–7, Philemon 25, One Prayer in 3 John:227. Answered, justified (Luke 18:14). Eleven Prayers in Jeremiah:149. Jeremiah for judgment (108 words; Lam 1:20-22). References to prayer (2 Sam 5:23; 12:16; 15:7-8; 21:1). References to prayer, entreating the Lord, calling on the name of the Lord, and groaning and being afflicted (Gen 12:7-8; 13:4; 16:11; 20:17-18; 25:21-23). Israel-confession of sins (1,205 words-the longest prayer; Neh 9:5-38). Answered because of Moses’ prayer (Num 14:20). Jacob for a blessing (Gen 28:20-22). Hannah to express gratitude for answered prayer (264 words; 1 Sam 2:1-10). (Here is the entire list and where they can be found.) 188. 158. 67. Saul for guidance (16 words; 1 Sam 14:37). There are approximately 450 recorded answers to prayer in the Bible. Moses asking to go over into Canaan (59 words; Deut 3:24-25). The book of God is filled with characters praying.

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