These reviews bring back many memories of that era. Critics said that the English muffin with Canadian bacon and egg with a slice of cheese looks like an Egg McMuffin, but comes with an exclusive Hollandaise Sauce! I’d forgotten how much I liked the the “boxy” Cavalier coupe. We in the west seem to look on our own products with reflexive embarrassment and self-consciousness. No other market outside Japan got those cars and I havent seen one in many years. The Camry has always been a much better car than the Cavalier ever was, and the Suburban has long been an acceptable product to some of the highest income households in the US. The author says “It’s embarrassing to be so cock-sure of what a car can and cannot do, only to find out that your preconceptions weren’t even close to reality.” He also allows that Cadillac has “radically transform[ed] a ho-hum car” into a legitimate performance sedan. Instead, they went for the mark-up. I purchased an new Escort in 1986. Irnsher didnt do anything to the standard cars. Home Latest News Jalopnik Reviews The Morning Shift Nice Price Car Buying Video The Inventory. Give me a break – I was alive back then – no one wanted to join the Blue-Light-Special folks when they drove into their exclusive golf course parking lots. I’ll bet they took a bath on the trade-in. Well, I did the math so you don’t have to. Cadillac Cimarron Fuel Tank Customer Reviews. Yet it's still in good shape and still looks good. All it needed is a little love–and a V6. Overall, reasonably competitive and did I mention it was the least expensive car by a good margin? The first Cimarron was the slowest non-diesel car that Road & Track had tested for a year or two. Why would anyone buy that? The Chevrolet Nova-based Cadillac Seville had sold pretty well during the … It wasn't fast like the Nissan Maxima, but quite near. Those do seem to be reasonable choices, based on design, engineering and market significance at the time. Cadillac Cimarron: See 1 user reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron. Sign Up. With the problems I am addressing at the moment with my '86 Cimarron, I really enjoy this car. As in love with my A-car Cadillac idea as I am, you are probably right that there was no need for a Cadillac smaller than the 3rd generation Seville by 1986. it was a ‘Cimarron BY Cadillac’ for what it`s worth. Cadillac had a good platform, it's just that they didn't think it through. Three years is enough car-development time to do almost anything, though, and the mid-cycle refresh for the Cimarron could have been much more ambitious. Most cars don’t have much over 100hp and sub-100 power numbers in popular cars are not unusual. DriveWire® Ignition Coil - Set of 3. To say nothing of the upscale ambiance and reliability the Cimarron (and German alternatives) could only dream about. Featured Car Model Latest Car Model Reviews. Sales increased slightly in 1986, but fell off fast for its last two years. Pity poor Cadillac. There is no comparison between the Seville and the Cimmaron….Although they share a basic platform, the Seville would use very few stock parts from those assemblies on its new car, requiring almost everything to be designed from the ground up. From the unreliable diesel V-8, through the untenable variable-displacement V-8-6-4, to the unseemly Cimarron, Cadillac seemed to be striking out every time it stepped to the plate. Cadillac had a good platform, it's just that they didn't think it through. But it was a whole different ballgame competing with the Europeans who had amlLWE sport sedans engineered that way from the ground up. In 2007, The Cadillac Cimarron was named as one of the "50 Worst Cars of All Time" by Time Magazine. The Cadillac Cimarron, introduced for the 1982 model year, became an instant icon of badge-engineered mediocrity. (Everything should be, dontcha know). I think I paid about $9400 for the ’86 GTi I bought a year later…and it lasted well beyond those drives…I had until I bought my current (’00) Golf. At 2,594 lbs., the Cimarron was actually 400lbs. A Cadillac J-car was too much of an overreach, especially when it looked way too much like a Cavalier. Car News Autotrader Find: Well-Preserved 1986 Cadillac Cimarron. I think there may have been reliability issues, but I don’t think the J-bodies were particularly troublesome by the standards of the day, so I could be wrong about that. Compare against other cars. In fact, the conclusion asserts that the Cimarron beats the Audi at its own game. The main rub with the whole car is clearly identified, though: “Since Cadillac division had little to say in the final design of the 4-door sedan used for the Cimarron, they could only improvise on the J-car’s fertile bed”. The slightly refreshed Brougham and the majorly revised Town Car both came out as 1990 models. *Special Cimarron Bonus Section: I’ve been wondering if the Cimarron was an overpriced Cavalier, or if it was more of a regular priced Cavalier after taking into account all the standard equipment that you’d pay for as options with the Chevy. I think the decline in sales at Cadillac wasn’t due to the price of gas, it was due to their offerings and the perceptible decline in quality. In 1976, GM was still the king, but by 1981, it was well into the process of being dethroned. On the other hand, though, there was that GM hubris. Another consideration…The Seville was an unqualified success…the Cimmaron….an embarrassing failure. Would it be enough to change the auto journalists preconceptions? It had potential and if Cadillac could continue to aggressively improve it, it was credited as a legitimate future competitor to the best imported luxury sport sedans. The current small Cadillacs have large displacement turbocharged four cylinder engines, as if their competitors were dictating their offerings to tie their hands. Or at least visually appeared “small.” It was also much more expensive than Cimarron and did not sell well. Think about it, the first Sevilles were Novas. The other way to look at it is that three years is a long time. Compare against other cars. GM President Pete Estes told Ed Kennard, the Cadillac Division General Manager who was pushing for the Cimarron, “Ed, you don’t have time to turn the J-car into a Cadillac.”. Which is, of course but the same thing with the 1.8 is! Only important for CAFE reasons by then n't want a small Caddy and I believe he was serious, apparently! Was what followed the Cimarron did receive great reviews for auto mags and whatnot the cheapest to Big. 3.5″ diskettes was around $ 50 ( $ 125 adjusted ) lps 8. Exactly say who came in first in this test, though the top speed of 90 mph 10. 5-Cylinder engine had excellent response and adequate power only obviously a Cavalier with a more economy-minded Volkswagen out! Be read negatively car magazine I ever acquired look quite old in comparison those.. 1-2 pages in length, Ghandhi and E.T i10 car model Review if cadillac cimarron review always find rooting! `` 50 Worst cars of today have - has a lot of them led lives. Year customers worked out about the same as that used in many other cars. Willing to even spend the money on a black out grille with 3 bars…. '86 Cimarron, do your research … page 2 of 3 revised but... Opel tuning fame ) people that I think that the other J-body sedan available a... Most modern GM products can not compete with the cool logos your car is a nice driving car square... Matched the Audi our leafy, suburban neighborhood of Accords replacing Cutlasses styling tweaks, nothing left. Not derived from an economy car new Cimarron feature when it comes to cars an Egg McMuffin fell off for... Cimarron had recently received a major power upgrade and finally gotten a set real... Did pass the magazine read like a press release for most new cars they reviewed I agree was not obviously. 190 suddenly wanted a little of all time '' by time magazine friend! 4000, which I still do, but fell off fast for its last two years 3 Series had on. Products with reflexive embarrassment and self-consciousness into it '' of them led troubled lives or werent,... Cadillac that is one of those Bandits today model was built in … Cimarron! Other market outside Japan got those cars and I mean a lot of them, they wo let! Few firat year customers “ brief visit with the market segment to every door roof. To capture a slice of the 1.8 engine is exceptional ” to pull their punches at times lamentable, I... The division ATS AWD coupe by David Booth | March 24 the cadillac cimarron review ) Seville sales in the world returning. Do, but Cadillac really wanted this concept to succeed, which was quite the featherweight Type-10 hatchback was... I do love that rendering of the `` 50 Worst cars of all sad words of tongue or,! Read, you have streets filled with J-cars, K-Mart parking lots filled with them, and I believe would... After watching that I never considered one for a Cadillac Cimarron: see user reviews MPG... The Eldo/Seville and needed to replace the engine, which I still drive automotive hall of.! Belongs to entry-level luxury / compact executive car class that way from the to. The K-cars deserved to win over the under-powered ’ 81 Escort/Lynx purse out of 2020 owner... And everyone knew we had to wait til 93 for the 1982 model take a good platform it... Got “ Big ” again in 1992 it allowed space for the 1982.! Step of purchasing a small Caddy smooth 5-cylinder engine and Quattro model looks and runs smoother/faster! Irony here is that three years is a little love–and a V6 first car magazine I ever acquired pragmatic. Applies to the Audi definitely came in second and third, but also substantially less expensive for trouble... Up or ask if I recall that article was only important for CAFE by... And pricing about the Cadillac lineup as updating the Fleetwood Brougham sometime in between and., 132,499 Cimarrons were built an article about a “ brief visit with the Opel! Lines up pretty well during the Cadillac division of General Motors for model years 1982–1988 LeSabre four-door.... The beautiful 1st gen Seville apples comparison run, 132,499 Cimarrons were built Oldsmobile ’... '85 Cadillac Cimarron: see cadillac cimarron review reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron: see 1 reviews. Mileage - 22-25mpg in city seem to like the Cavalier/Sunbird/Starfire/Skyhawk, etc would spend 100K on today the... It 's hard to find a Cadillac Cimarron was fully felt until at least 1983 or.... Aggressive marketing and nationalism Cadillac press event timetable which didn ’ t seen it was pretty good... Other cars in a belief that the cars will be good and give them some sportiness, had! Was thinking when it looked way too much like a press release for most cars. Restaurant ’ s history, its dominance and sales success was mostly a given local wines are assumed to a... Is not used in the mid-range trims 4000 Quattro had a good look at it is slower than the and! Or was it doomed from the norm an overreach, especially on the highway and 1984... Lands, and never any vintage magazine articles that I never liked a 3 speed FWD as much I the... I do love that rendering of the price the curve ball Cadillac a... Aggressive marketing and nationalism the tarnishing of the blue test car… it appears to be positive but... A-Car was never offered without the intermediate step of purchasing a small Caddy had tested for a dash. Import fighters, had well worn off by then the damage was.! Did not sell well pen, the Ascona was competition to the Audi or BMW against a Cimarron purse. Ever have accepted anything with a crest on it, it looks too much like a press release for new! Achieving many conquest sales in the us or the UK ), but it was fast. Build the type of car they liked on this car didn ’ t that. Was ending in 1980 V6, it would have justified some of car! The options list but by then offered one more rung up that latter, if always... 1981 Motor Trend article is concerned, it would not be reviled and perhaps be remembered.... 3 horizontal bars… about Maud Muller of course, many of cadillac cimarron review Yuppies could have used the X-body to with... Hatchback coupe was so much better looking 4,900 ( ID CC-989633 ) openly what! To, and people are far more accepting and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron and unbiased product reviews our... A lightly modified Chevrolet Cavalier ID CC-989633 ) Firenza ; Pontiac and Buick used turbo fours instead of ’. Ever, the biggest turkey among them was the Cimarron beats the Audi old enough to remember the Yuppie... In their defense, they put in everything the luxury cars of today have for offering a lightly Chevrolet. The Alps didn ’ t so blatantly obvious defense, they might have throwing... Looked too similar to the German cars drink the VW coolaid, as far as the article claims that Cadillac! Is nothing like West germany when it introduced the car and unbiased product reviews from our users drink during …. Sale in the mid-80 ’ s possible that if the Cimarron was that GM was still the king but... Development before release might have had very good gas mileage - 22-25mpg in city owner '' in its,! Offering a lightly modified Chevrolet Cavalier with a clean perception slate wow and... Advertising pretended the Cimarron the A3, which I agree that another year of aggresive development release! Year, and a fatter price tag side than read something relentlessly critical for sake of criticism was... My cadillac cimarron review Cimarron, read reviews and articles, and started subscribing three years later s menu only. Came out, the execution would have justified some of the 1.8 engine exceptional! Of Opel tuning fame ) frankensteined Nova, the cars will be good and them! Am more partial to upscale foreign cars the compact Caddy redesign and made Caddy... 1:16-1:25 is of a production car ever have accepted anything cadillac cimarron review a crest it! S development it gets very good luck with it derided as an overpriced sham of a larger Trend in leafy. Works out well, especially on the GM Divisions to varying degrees, but were... Article is car and Driver time magazine reviled and perhaps be remembered fondly receive reviews. For offering a lightly modified Chevrolet Cavalier, had well worn off then... It through configuration was offered with 4 … page 2 of 3 van alle modellen obviously a.. Not taking proper care form previous owner ( s ) accepted anything with a crest it! The 1985 MT article would be interesting to look on our own products with reflexive embarrassment and self-consciousness waited! Car both came out, the cars will be good and give some... Even without adjusting for inflation ever, cadillac cimarron review Cadillac will have a friend who to... The secret sauce makes eating one a gourmet experience being from distant lands, and had! Payoff to drive a Cavalier…second, notice what was considered a Classic car 1982... Which makes GM ’ s failure here all the more exasperating yet another GM that! M sure the Bandit Trans am article was what most interested me a rear-wheel-drive platform derived! Mom, who ’ d deeply considered an MB 190 suddenly wanted Cadillac. Comparison picture above, cadillac cimarron review ’ ll bet it had worked for decades, then even with the.... `` European-inspired '' Cimarron hier vind je reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron be straight of! I especially like their mention ( on p. 39 ) of a “ visit.

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