Persons have two sources of livelihood, either by service or their own business, which are known as wage employment and self-employment, respectively. The main objective of the Programme is to reduce poverty by increasing consumption and promoting access to services and opportunities among the extreme poor and vulnerable. The livelihoods framework is a way of looking at the complexity of people's livelihoods, especially the livelihoods of the poor, whether they be rural or urban. Livelihood interventions are part of BHF’s objectives to promote a self-reliant society in Myanmar. Objectives are statements that describe the results to be achieved and help monitor progress towards program goals. CRS organizes cash-for-work initiatives that put people back to work as quickly as 2.2 The livelihoods framework. PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY AND DIFFERENTIATORS . WHAT WE DO Emergencies can cause extreme hardship. Sustainable Livelihood Program beneficiaries from Davao City who have graduated from the program’s Training on Bread and Pastry Production takes pride in their thriving bakery business. BHF focuses on cash-crop, skill training and livestock development for the marginalized communities to earn a sustainable living. Course: Livelihoods Assessment and Analysis Lesson 1: Introduction to Livelihoods - Learner’s Notes Learner Notes 3 Livelihoods are similar for groups of people doing similar things. 2. Activities are the actual events that take place as part of the program. We call a “livelihood group” a group of people who access similar resources, share similar social and cultural values and have a comparable economic status. The program has expanded the focus to more sustainable long-term outcomes, from planting seed schemes, farming tools and agricultural services to support livestock. Source: Adapted from Maxwell (1999a). However, in order to realise this overall objective, the Programme has the following specific objectives. Following is an example of how program activities differ from objectives. Livelihood projects are usually implemented in support of one of the major objectives of the program, e.g. Explain how livelihoods, disaster recovery, risk reduction, and ecosystems are linked. Overall Learning Objectives for a One-Day Workshop By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. It seeks to understand the various dimensions of a person's livelihood; the strategies and objectives pursued, and associated opportunities and constraints. 3. Livelihood Restoration Plan: A plan that establishes the entitlements (e.g., compensation, other assistance) of affected persons and/or communities economically displaced by a Project, in order to provide them with adequate opportunity to re-establish their livelihoods. Livelihood promotion (improving resilience of household livelihoods, diversification of livelihood strategies, improving access to markets). The immediate urgent response is at the cornerstone of food security and livelihood programs planning. Identify the recurring environmental impacts of typical livelihoods interventions. Note: Objectives are different from listing program activities. resource conservation or management. There is often destruction of homes and infrastructure, like roads and bridges, plus a breakdown in normal economic processes. As a result, people in disaster-stricken areas often lack access to food or are unable to earn money to buy food.

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